Sea Kayaking Kefalonia, Greece
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Kefalonia island

Assos, west coast of Kefalonia, Ionian sea, Greece Kefalonia is one of the biggest (5th) and indisputably the most beautiful islands in Greece, but still mostly unspoilt. Its 781 square kms lie on the seductive waters of the Ionian sea, about 30 miles off the western coast of the mainland.

The size and diversity in landscape, rich culture, tradition and history that extends more than 5,000 years ago, lush vegetation, picture beautiful villages like Fiskardo and Assos, pristine beaches with crystal clear and warm waters, remote coastlines and tasteful cuisine and good wine, all make Kefalonia a prime choice, an island that has a lot to offer!…

It is not a coincidence that in November of 2008 'Forbes' ranked Kefalonia in the 4th position in 'Europe's Most Idyllic Places To Live' contest!

Sea kayak south Kefalonia, Ionian sea, Greek islandsAs with all the Ionian islands, the rock composition of Kefalonia is mainly sedimentary (limestone), the erosion of which contributes to the formation of spectacular rock formations, caves and interesting geological phenomena.

Big mountains dominate the landscape. Mt Ainos (1628m) with its endemic black fir tree and wild horses is timewise (1962) the first national park of Greece. Lush vegetation, from wild flowers to olive groves, gardens, cypress and fir tree forests and the typical mediterranean macchia cover the biggest part of the island and give an ever changing color and charm year round.

The coastline is characterized by the diversity of the landscape and the remoteness. Dramatic coastline with limestone cliffs in the west, sandy beaches and sandstone cliffs in the south, forested coves with pebble beaches on the east. Although mediterranean is generally overfished, the crystal clear and warm waters provide shelter to some rare species like the loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta Caretta), and the most threatened European sea mammal, the monk seal (Monachus Monachus). Big parts of Kefalonian coastline are part of 'Natura' the European network for the preservation of the biodiversity. Main reason for that is the existence in the sea of extensive 'Posidonia Oceanica' fields, one of the most productive ecosystems on earth.

Fiskardo, Kefalonia, Ionian sea And one of the best ways to explore the beauties of the island is with a sea kayak.

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