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Greek Cooking Lessons

Greek cooking in a perfect setting

Greek cuisine is famous as one of the healthiest and tastiest in the world. Over the previous years we have seen that greek food is one of the decisive factors for people to choose Greece for their sea kayaking vacations. And for many people, learning how to prepare some delicious greek dishes is equally important to eating.

In addition to that, in some cases and especially with accommodation and day-trips packages, not all members of a family/group want to paddle. For these people, cooking lessons are a nice alternative.

We collaborate with Mrs' Vasso, an excellent and passionate cook and in her beautiful setting, with stunning sea views, we are happy to offer you greek cooking lessons. Your greek dinners back home will be really authentic now!

Greek food lessons in Vasso's place 'hands on' practice, preparing greek food

Structure of the Greek cooking lessons

- meeting at Vasso's place at 17:30
- explanation of today's dishes
- preparation of the meal
- dinner

The duration is about 3-4 hours. The lesson also includes printed recipes of the prepared dishes

proud students enjoying the dinner
marinated white bait riganada