Sea Kayaking Kefalonia, Greece
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Sea Kayaking Kefalonia - Day-trips

Sea Kayaking Kefalonia
2- Day trips

Our 2-day trips are an excellent way to get a taste of a multi-day trip as well as experience wild camping under the stars. The coastline of Kefalonia offers several options for our 2-day trips. We choose the itinerary depending on conditions and group experience.

Paddling Distance: 5-9 nautical miles per day
Difficulty Level: Easy (in the usual weather conditions)
Price per person: 180 euros per person (discounts available for kids)

In every trip the price includes:
  • all sea kayaking equipment
  • extra equipment like dry bags, long sleeved shirts for sun protection, etc
  • snorkelling equipment (masks & snorkels)
  • 2 lunches, 1 breakfast, 1 dinner
  • experienced kayak guide (British Canoeing (BC) certified)
  • kayak tour and safety briefing
  • transfer back to the starting point
  • camping gear (except for sleeping bag)
  • sea kayak techniques instruction if wanted
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