Sea Kayaking Kefalonia, Greece
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Our Equipment & Base

As one of our service quality parameters, the equipment we use is carefully selected and maintained in order to maximize pleasure, comfort and safety level.

We strongly believe that the equipment should allow our group members to enjoy the natural surrounds, without being hindered by the effects of poorly selected and non-maintained equipment.

We mainly use Prijon and Perception boats. All our boats have rudders and some have skegs, as well.

Going into more detail, the equipment we use includes:

Sea Kayak boats mainly Prijon and Perception
Prijon Excursion
Prijon Poseidon
Prijon Kodiak
Prijon Seayak 500 LV
Prijon Seayak Classic
Prijon Touryak
Perception Essence 17
Perception Essence 16
Paddles Werner Shuna

A selection of Greenland paddles

Perception OriginZ Northwest Passage
Personal Floating Devices Artistic Ocean Tourer
Palm Day Tour
Long sleeved lycra shirts for sun protection

Lycra Rashy Long Sleeved shirt
Hiko Rashguard long sleeves

Paddling Jackets

PeakUK (Multi Action Wind Top)

Spray skirts
Palm Windermere

Palm Elterwater

Dry Bags
(6lt, 12lt, 20lt , 40lt)

…and a number of necessary sea kayak accessories like padlle floats, bilge pumps, air bags, safety whistles, map bags, safety ropes, GPS, first aid kits, peli boxes...

For more information on the equipment we use, you can contact us